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Disposable Plastic Tablecloth

Thanks to the variety of types and superior quality, Jinlong’s plastic table covers are ideal choices among customers for camping, picnics, banquets and other applications for decorative and hygienic table coverings.

Our Chinese embossed table cover has long been a favorite on the market.

Outstanding Advantages 1. The plastic table cover is made using PE material and is easy to cut to size to fit your table.
2. The tablecloth is economically friendly, waterproof and leakproof.
3. The plastic banquet roll has been disinfected using high temperatures, making it hygienic and clean. It also features a high strength and smooth texture.
4. If customers have specific requirements, we do offer customized service. Tell us your requirements for color, thickness, packaging, and patterns and we will produce these disposable tablecloths according to your needs. For specific patterns, please provide a design drawing.

Specifications 140 x140cm disposable plastic tablecloths are suitable for 1.2 x 1.2m square tables and 1m diameter round tables.
160 x 160cm plastic table covers are applicable for 1.4 x 1.4m square tables and 1.2m diameter round tables.
180 x 180cm plastic banquet rolls are perfect for use in 1.6 x 1.6m square tables and 1.4m diameter round tables.
200 x 200cm table cover rolls are ideal for use in 1.8 x 1.8m square tables and 1.6m diameter round tables
220 x 220cm disposable table covers are appropriate for use in 2 x 2m square tables and 1.8m diameter round tables.

With the use of our plastic table covers, customers do not have to worry about tiring housework in keeping tables clean, as these covers protect the surface, and are both clean and hygienic. We use imported, high quality PE materials from Europe, North Korea and Taiwan, ensuring our products are both non-toxic and odorless.

The embossed design is great for ensuring the table covering has a non-slip design.

Chefs especially like these plastic tablecloths due to the environmental friendly design, waterproof and leak resistant performance.

Technical Parameters

Product Name Disposable Plastic Tablecloth
Material: LDPE/HDPE or Biodegradable plastic material
Color: Red, transparent, blue etc.
Size: 140*140cm, 160*160cm, 180*180cm, 200*200cm. We also provide customized service.
Thickness: 0.005-0.02mm
Printing: We accepted any customized logo pattern.
FOB Port Xiamen Port
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Delivery time For mass production About 20-30 days, based on sample approved and order quantity.
Sample Delivery Time & Charge: A. Free samples: Samples of existing products are free, customers need only pay shipping costs.
B. Customized samples: We can customize samples with your logo design. It will take 5-7 days to finish, and we will charge only a small fee for sample production and printing molds.
Outer package: 100 pcs/PE bag, 200 pcs per export carton (or according to customer's requirements)
Application Home, hotel, outdoor party, wedding and other table coverings

1. Please keep the disposable plastic table cloth away from any heat sources in order to avoid deformation, melting, and fire.
2. The plastic table cover does present a threat of suffocation to children. To prevent this, keep the covering away from children and babies.

Testing Reports

Main Products

Product name: KKloongdisposable plastic tablecloth Art. No.: T0000
Specifications: 140cm×140cm
Thickness: 0.005mm
Gram weight: 9-10g
Quantity: 10 pieces/bag, 200 bags/case
Color: Red, white

Product name: KKloongdisposable plastic tablecloth Art. No.: T5555
Specifications: 160cm×160cm
Thickness: 0.005mm
Gram weight: 11-12g
Quantity: 10 pieces/bag, 150 bags/case
Color: Red, white

Product name: KKloongdisposable plastic tablecloth Art. No.: T8888
Specifications: 180cm×180cm
Thickness: 0.005mm
Gram weight: 14-15g
Quantity: 10 pieces/bag, 100 bags/case
Color: Red, white

Product name: KKloongdisposable plastic tablecloth Art. No.: T8666
Specifications: 200cm×200cm
Thickness: 0.005mm
Gram weight: 17-19g
Quantity: 10 pieces/bag, 100 bags/case
Color: Red, white

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