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Company Profile

Founded in 1998, KKloong has grown into a trusted supplier of plastic bags and plastic film. Located in Quanzhou, near the XiaMen Port Strait, we have a number of significant logistical advantages, ensuring every customer gets their order quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Spanning an area of 8,000 square meters and outfitted with 10 complete production lines and advanced machinery, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality disposable plastic products with both innovation and creativity at the forefront. Dozens of people on our R&D staff, and more than 50 highly trained technicians all work together to meet our commitment to excellence and produce more than 500 tons each month. After years of development and research, we have steadily expanded our production scale, and to better carry out mass production and meet client requirements, we built the KKloong Industrial Building, as well as installing 5 full professional production lines and building a warehouse.

We keep up with current market trends, and are always looking for new ways to meet customer needs both by design and type. Our product line includes PE gloves, trash bags, large garbage bags, cling wrap, produce rolls, plastic table covers and more. This extensive line of products is used in industrial uses, households, hospitals, shopping malls and a variety of other places. In addition, if a customer does not see a product that meets their needs, we are pleased to offer OEM and ODM services to produce customized products upon request. Just give us your requirements for materials, specifications, colors, packaging and any other information you want us to know, and we will be more than happy to produce a disposable plastic product that meets those needs.

Development History 1. In 1990, KKloong was first established in a 70 square meter workshop, and primarily focused on the production of household plastic goods.
2. In 1998, we expanded into a 500 square meter workshop, and began consistent, large scale production. We also invested in more advanced machinery to further our development and research into disposable plastic bags. This was the first year our products launched onto a national market.
3. In 2004, we began to pay more attention to brand-effect and registered the trademark of KKloong . We put a lot of hours and money into establishing our brand, and ensuring our products and services were outstanding.
4. In 2008, we expanded once again, into a factory that spanned 2,000 square meters, thus meeting an increase in market demand.
5. Since 2010, we have seen healthy and sustainable development, and began construction on the KKloong Industrial Building, which was completed and put into use in 2013. We also invested in 5 production lines and a warehouse, achieving a comprehensive production and sales line. We also hired staff at both management and technician levels that are dedicated and committed, ensuring normal working operations and high levels of quality. The combination of our dedicated team and advanced production machines ensured our foundation for further growth and expansion of our company.
6. Starting in 2010, we began to do business with international clients and launch products onto international markets. We also took part in trade fairs in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other major cities around China, expanding and consolidating multiple markets. In 2013, we provided OEM services to international clients and our products were exported all over the world.
7. Currently, we are still focusing on international markets, and have designated specific staff members to work with overseas customers and ensure the clearest understanding on both sides. The excellent quality and friendly, consistent services have all contributed to the praise from both international and domestic customers.

If you are looking for a factory or manufacturer of excellent plastic wrap and plastic bags, KKloong would be your ideal choice! contact KKloong today, and we look forward to working with you!