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KKloong Company Tour

Through the use of a company tour, whether virtual or physical, customers gain a complete understanding of our company and production processes.

Processing workshop

Shown here is the film blowing workshop. According to customers' requirements, raw materials are turned into a diverse selection of film that will then be sent to the bag making line.

Printing workshop

Our printing workshop produces disposable plastic tablecloths in accordance with customer requirements.

Large garbage bags production line

Heavy Duty Garbage Bag Machine
Shown here is the production line for large garbage bags. This line completes the transmission of plastic film, cutting, forming, separating, screening and packaging of a variety of other plastic products as well. We have achieved a significant decrease in cost and labor due to the use of this mechanized production line, which can also process trash bags in customized specifications. Bags produced on this line can be as wide as 1.5 meters.

  • Transfer film
  • Transfer film
  • Automatic counting and sealing
  • Separating
  • Filter
Household garbage bags production line

The production line for household garbage bags is equipped with 5 production machines, ensuring a manufacturing capacity of 360,000 trash bags in a 12 hour period. We offer several packaging methods, including paper tubes, bags, rolls and box packaging.

Disposable plastic glove production line

This is our disposable plastic glove production line. The fully automatic processing machine produces 2 gloves simultaneously, significantly increasing the production efficiency. These gloves are a popular item on the plastic product market.

  • Thanks to the use of sophisticated processing and manufacturing equipment, we are able to provide easy to wear and comfortable plastic food service gloves.
  • Shown here is the manufacturing control system for poly gloves.
  • The finished product is being packaged.
  • Plastic film is being transferred.
  • This machine is capable of producing two PE gloves at the same time.
  • Our equipment is cutting polythene gloves.

Inspection, Packaging and Delivery