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    1. Large Garbage Bag These trash bags are available in various types, and are high quality, feature a large bearing capacity, environmental friendliness, and economical performance. Inquiry Form
    1. Plastic Shopping Bag Our shopping bag finds a wide application in promotion activities and large scale exhibitions thanks to its diverse types, creative design and high durability. Inquiry Form
    1. Disposable Plastic Gloves As they are waterproof, non-toxic and odorless, they are used in an extensive range of applications for food processing in homes and restaurants. Inquiry Form
    1. Disposable Plastic Tablecloth With the use of our plastic table covers, customers do not have to worry about tiring housework in keeping tables clean, as these covers protect the surface, and are both clean and hygienic. Inquiry Form
    1. Plastic Wrap Our food wrap film is known for its performance in keeping food fresh and safe to eat. Wrapping meat, vegetables, fruit and other foods in the food film prolongs the expiration date, thus keeping the taste at its best and avoiding food spoilage. Inquiry Form
    1. Plastic Produce Bag The film is 0.75mm thick, allowing for optimum breathability and moisture permeability. Our plastic bag features outstanding water and vapor barrier properties, making it ideal for meat, seafood and other quickly perishable products. Inquiry Form